Alberobello: Stepping into a Story Book

Alberobello: Stepping into a Story Book

If ‘Snow White and Seven Dwarfs’ was to be based in Italy, Alberobello’s Zona dei Trulli would have been the ideal place. White-washed, conical-roofed houses aka ‘Trulli’ look like they have been purpose built for our special characters.

Stories behind the Trulli are no less interesting. While lack of timber for construction and abundance of limestone in the region are the ones frequently cited, the one that takes the cake is about the design being a way to wriggle around laws and taxes as the structure was considered unstable. Well whatever might have paved the way for the wonderful architecture we see today, I am happy it did.

The best way to explore Alberobello is to wander around the several lanes sloping upwards admiring the view, white washed conical roofed houses stacked one after another and decorated with colourful flower climbers. There are some stairs along the stone pathways but mostly they stretch into a long incline (thank you planners, I bet you knew I would be coming with a buggy).

People are friendly, helpful and know more english then any other place I visited in Puglia. Though language never became a problem in the region thanks to technology (Google translation) and people who just wanted to help in any way possible. Talk to local shop keepers, they are friendly and would let you take a tour of their Trullo and panoramic terraces. Out of many things to buy at the shops, I picked miniature Trullo to take back with me. You can stay in a Trullo hotel as well to complete the experience.

BambinoTips : Don’t be put off by seeing a lane with steps, in all likelihood the next one would be without steps. Sturdy buggy would be helpful as streets are a mix of bricks and tar. Also there’s a park opposite the Trullo Church if you want to give some buggy free time to kids.

Shakahari Khana: Finding good vegetarian food is never a problem in Italy, Alberobello is no different. There are several cafes, restaurants, pizzerias and snack-shops to choose from depending on appetite and budget. Or you can fill yourself with icecream, my little boy had his first ice cream here.

LocalWine: Do checkout Paco Wines, they have large selection of local wines and owner’s recommendation certainly made our evening even more amazing.

6 thoughts on “Alberobello: Stepping into a Story Book

    1. Thanks a lot Anubhuti, it’s a lovely place. Hope you are able to plan a trip, get me know if you need any information.

  1. Hi Monika,

    Nice post. I have been in the area but didn’t manage to go to Alberobello due to lack of time and too long journey by train from Bari.
    Like your pictures!

    Happy traveling!


    1. Thanks Beata! It indeed is a long journey from Bari, we did it as a day trip from Fasano. Let me know if you are in the area next time, I’ll share our itinerary and some ideas.

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